Friday, 8 June 2012

5 Stars for my 'Dirty Little Fuck Doll'

Dean Hetherington has reviewed ‘Dirty Little Fuck Doll’ on Amazon, he gave it the maximum five stars and made the following comments:

“If you’re looking for romance mosey along; if you’re after page after page of blood pumping carnal pleasure you’re in the right place. A simple tube journey on the pleasure line terminates at pleasure central, Chloe the eponymous character in this erotic encounter is insatiable.

Eleanor brings the reader along Chloe’s journey, as you get deeper into the story the content gets hotter and hotter, turning pages you become immersed in the story as it builds to an enormous climax. From first page to last I was engrossed - every piece of action is described in great detail but not to the point of losing the moment, you are left in no doubt about the pleasure the characters seek or experience and it fills your mind with it’s eroticism.

Next time I ride the tube, I’ll be looking out for Chloe and I’ll be looking out for more of Eleanor’s work”

This was actually the first review for 'Dirty Little Fuck Doll', made right on its release day, so you can imagine how happy Dean’s comments made me! Sometimes as a writer, you can get lost in the technicalities of a text, especially in the editing and proofing stage; so such positive comments as these really give you faith that the end product is worth the effort.

It’s difficult to describe the emotions I felt that day, one was relief and excitement that my darling book was now published, out and available to buy! Another was apprehension at whether it would sell or not, then some people bought it, and I was ecstatic. And right at the end of the day this fabulous review of Dean’s went live on Amazon, with a sales ranking of 13,944. I couldn’t believe my luck, what a day :)

Thanks Dean! x

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