Friday, 8 June 2012

Carla Croft Reviews 'Dirty Little Fuck Doll'

Carla Croft, the stunning author of the Letters Around Midnight’ series, recently reviewed my new book: Dirty Little Fuck Doll on Amazon and her blog. Here’s what she thought:

If you like ‘no holes barred’ XXXX erotica then this will definitely be one that you will want to have close to hand. The writing barrels along like a runaway train. The pace is relentless. But be warned, this is the sexual express that never slows down at any station so that you can jump off. You really are caught up in the most frenetic sexual ride. Anything goes here as Chloe gives of her all in her search for sexual fulfillment.

However, it’s not just a sexual grunt fest. Chloe, we learn, considers love to be a blunt instrument and prefers the scalpel of lust. For her, sex is a self exploration a connection and a communication. After the pace of the sex is over we learn just enough about Chloe to hazard a guess at why she does what she does. It’s that moment of reflection and consideration as the story trundles towards the buffers at the end of the line that made the story for me. It put the exhilaration of the journey into context and gave it meaning. Without it, the book would not have been as enjoyable. In fact it will be this hint at Chloe’s inner workings more than her rapacious appetite that pulls me back to the book. It was a very welcome ending as the train pulled into the station surrounded by a huge cloud of sexual steam. It was one hell of a ride.

Thank you Carla!

One part of this review I find particularly interesting, are Carla’s thoughts on the concluding pages. These was actually written right at the end of the project, and not included in any of the first three drafts. Sometimes, I find it easier to leave endings (and often beginnings) until I have a good feel for the main body of the story; as these are the two most important sections, enticing the reader into my world, and then leaving a thought or two to linger with them long after they have finished the book. This itself may sound extraordinarily obvious, but is not always easy to achieve. Therefore, I find that waiting for a few weeks after completing the main body, affords me the time to mull some ideas over and to have a few secretive discussions and debates with my creative self. So, it was fantastic to read that Carla found the last few pages as pivotal as they were meant to be. Once you have read the book, it should go a very long way towards explaining why Chloe acts and thinks in the way she does. I feel it’s important to recognise that women/girls can be as addicted to, and motivated by sex as men. Quite often even more so, but we just do a better job of it ;)

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