Friday, 8 June 2012

Imogen Loved 'Dirty Little Fuck Doll'

Imogen Headey @Imogen_Iam reviewed ‘Dirty Little Fuck Doll’ on Amazon, she gave it the full five stars, and wrote these comments:

“From Chloe’s initial tube train flirtation (if that’s the right word for what she’s doing!) with Mark, to their very physical bedroom scene, in which Chloe uses this stranger to satisfy herself, the first part of Miss Sykes’ erotic adventures are stimulating enough!
When they continue, and Mikki is introduced into the mix, DLFD starts to race towards an extremely intense climax.

Chloe is portrayed as one part male fantasy, one part the ultimate sexually empowered woman. She uses Mark and Mikki as tools to satisfy herself, but is also used by them. She does things that “good girls” don’t, and enjoys them. A lot.

This is not a book about love. There isn’t any coyness or inhibited behaviour. It is about lust and gratification. It is incredibly raw and at times brutal in its description, and almost poetically descriptive at others. This is a roller coaster of sexual physicality, that I found (and still do) incredibly stimulating.”

Thanks Imogen!
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