Saturday, 9 June 2012

'The Megan Affair - Part One'

Well, my latest book 'The Megan Affair - Part One' is tip-toeing it's way to the Amazon shelves right now! I have finally finished the rewrites and just submitted it. As usual, it should take up to twelve hours until it is live on their site. I will tweet like mad once it is in the Kindle store :)

John and Sarah's marriage is at crisis point once she discovers his affair with a girl less than half his age. As he stands ready to walk out for the last time, one final argument brings them into each other's unwelcoming arms again. Their evening descends through a spell of domestic violence into one of aggressive sexual gratification as each party attempts to out-fuck the other.
Consider 'The Megan Affair - Part One' to be a documentary of a sexual sparring match, as John and Sarah use sex as a weapon against each other as the youthful Megan appears on the scene. This first instalment details one horrific and unforgettable night in the redrawing of their marriage. Graphic sex and sadomasochistic violence are plentiful, by the end you will be in a complete state of suspense, impatient to discover how the story develops in part two.


"We became lost in the present, our resolute desire to maim and argue with our bodies, devolved into a passion to give each other the most explosive orgasmic delight either of us were likely to achieve ever again. His young slut may well have been tighter, she may have had firmer breasts that were further up her chest; but with a man like John, you had to be able to take it all. Finesse and beauty were all well and good, but there would come a time when she would need to lower herself to his level of debasement."

"Oh fuck!" I yelled as his meat was battering mine, my pussy was being tenderised in the most obscene fashion."

"After a few minutes I felt light-headed once more, my head must have gone weak in his hands, as he released his palm from my thyroid I took a sharp intake of breath and he picked up the pace. He stabbed in and out of my accommodating arse; in and out, in and out, in and out. God knows where he found the energy from, externally I may have appeared a ball of fury, but inside I was delirious."

"That man, that stupid husband of mine, was actually quite good once he got going, even if he was a cheating bastard. It's just a shame it took me the beginning, middle and end of our marriage to discover he could fuck me like that."

"He slammed himself into me, all eleven thick inches, buffeting in and out, using my arsehole as a scabbard, he expelled my anger and dissatisfaction with him and elevated me to a level of euphoria."

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