Friday, 8 June 2012

More reviews for 'Dirty Little Fuck Doll'

I have had two more fantastic five star reviews for my book ‘Dirty Little Fuck Doll:

Sorel (@SorelW11) thought:

‘This is hardcore erotica that leaves you wet and wanting more!
Ms. Black introduces us to Chloe and gives the reader a taste of what Chloe likes and what she can do. With one or more partners…
In the beginning, Ms. Black had me wondering what Chloe is capable of. What does she like? As I kept reading, there was no disappointment! Chloe satisfies her partners and the reader!
Is there a DLFD Part 2 in the works? I sure hope so, because the adventures of Chloe Sykes will never be boring!
I’m looking forward to reading more from Eleanor Black. Her DLFD already has me hooked on her future books!’

J.A. McCorkle (@JAMcCorkle) said:

‘Everyone that’s on twitter talking about this story should get on here and leave a review! This story was delightfully dirty and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for writing it! It probably captures that dirty streak we all have, but never act on! Looking for more! Keep it coming! Ha! Ha!’

I am delighted with the response so far, please keep your reviews coming in! Thanks guys! x

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