Friday, 8 June 2012

My Review of Carla Croft's 'Letters Around Midnight - Threesomes - Volume 1'

This is the first book of Carla's work that I've read, and I must say I am really impressed. The format is original, and works very well; being a collection of three conversations with three friends, all of whom recount some sexual adventure.

The first of these, featuring Ailsa is immensely seductive and the language beautifully crafted, let's just say this one really got me off!

Chrissy, in the second story is a little vixen who thrilled me perfectly. Carla wrote it with such a skill that I was literally hanging on every word, with a lump in my throat. All will become clear once you've read the story.

Beverley, in the third of the threesomes is a total control freak, successful and almost masculine in her dominance. This was my least favourite part of the book, although it was very well crafted, it didn't seem as 'hot' as the two previous encounters.

The whole book is a trio of incredibly sexy stories, that will certainly get you rummaging beneath the sheets. It is evident that the author put in a lot of effort, the book flows beautifully, it is well written and formatted. Personally, I would have mixed the order of the stories around a little, to end with one of the real steamy tales. That said, I would certainly recommend this to anybody that is looking for an intelligently written book, that will get them reaching for that little drawer next to the bed. Now to download volume two!

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