Monday, 18 June 2012

Reviews for 'The Megan Affair - Part One'

My latest book: 'The Megan Affair - Part One', has been out for just over a week and it already has some stellar reviews on both Amazon sites. It has been awarded four 'five star' ratings and one 'four star'; below are some comments from these reviews:

Dean Hetherington @X2Dean: 'Left me breathless' 5/5
"In a word wow! Eleanor, has left me breathless and eager for part 2. The passion between John and Sarah reaches the highest of heights at the wrong time in their failing marriage. The intensity of their bathroom encounter will have you flicking the page until you realize you've reached the end and you are holding your breath!
Awesome Ellie, I want part 2!"

Imogen Headey @Iomgen_Iam: 'Rough and raw' 5/5
"Brutal and jarring, Part One of The Megan Affair is violent sex at its grittiest, detailing an passionate encounter between a husband and wife, though the passion isn't of a loving nature. The way in which they use each other is rough, the frustrations they are finally working out about their failed relationship driving them to do such things to each other... such nasty things.
Undeniable shocking, Part One of The Megan Affair is as it says in the product description, a "sexual sparring match", and by the end of this first round, I couldn't wait to read the rest of the bout!"

Sarah: 5/5
"After reading 50 shades I thought nothing could top the "reading one handed" factor until I discovered this gem.well written,gritty and easy to relate too.The bathroom scene left me wanting more,can't wait to read the 2nd part."

PookieLee: 'WOW! Violently seductive' 4/5
"Sexy, raw, painfully sinful. This story is short and definitely action packed. I can't wait for the second installment in this series."

TrulyGreat @the_weremouse: 'Overpowering, exciting, violent... just the things fantasies are made of!' 5/5
"Wow! I was a little unsure about reading this book as I have never considered myself attracted to violence. But her other book was so well done and hot I thought, why not! This story has opened my eyes a bit.
My first thought as I read The Megan Affair was 'Woah! Woman Scorned'.
My second thought was 'OMG! This is violent and yet hot!'
My third thought was 'I need to get a bf and have violent angry sex now!'
My only real gasp moment was the way it ended. I wasn't sure if it ended, or the ending was cut off as there was no trailing author's comment, note or book list.
Either way, I am peaking out behind my hands in preparation for The Megan Affair part 2! Yikes! Can't wait!"

To buy 'The Megan Affair - Part One' on, click here

To buy 'The Megan Affair - Part One' on, click here

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