Sunday, 31 March 2013

The silence of deep thought: Carla's offering of literary erotica

I have read and enjoyed some of Carla's previous work published under the Letters Around Midnight-Threesomes banner, so it was with great enthusiasm that I purchased her first offering of a longer work. My expectations were not disappointed, Carla is a writer who is at one with her page, she writes with a naked simplicity and avoids the need for showy sentences or fancy prose styles.

Whether it was by intention or coincidence, Carla deserves to be credited with her timing of the release of Miyuki; reading her analogies of and comparisons with deep snow over the past week has added to the beguiling experience of reading her debut novella.

What she delivers in Miyuki is a beautifully crafted story of sexual discovery, but not as I expected. It is unapologetically voyeuristic in places, bordering on intrusive, yet remains a very personal observation of a relationship less than ordinary. Miyuki not only titillates, but it intrigues, it makes you want to delve a little further into the subjects Carla introduces, it makes you reconsider your perceptions about certain preconceived ideals, Miyuki made me place the book down and think on more than one occasion.

My only criticism would be that I found the double line spacing to be a real distraction at first, so much so that I adjusted my kindle to compensate for it. That said, Carla Croft has produced a fantastic little book that will entertain and stimulate her readers on a number of different levels. Carla is not your average erotic fiction writer, and this is not the usual erotic novella.
You can buy Miyuki: The Silence of Deep Snow on Amazon in the UK here
You can buy Miyuki: The Silence of Deep Snow on Amazon in the US here

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  1. Hey There Just like to say thank you for such wonderful comments about my book. I note what you say about the line spacing. Glad you can alter it on your Kindle for better reading experience,

    Love Carla x